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Yup, it’s official, I’m an old fart. Yet, most of my friends are older, so I ain’t going to be bothered much about it today. 27 years ago I was born… And I’m pretty much were I was thinking I would be when I was kid, yet in a more realistic way (I don’t own a light saber and K2000). There’s still a lot to come, to do, to achieve and to live.

Also, there will be a total lunar eclipse tonight around 8:43PM EST. The next one is due in 2010, as is Rambo 14, and when I’ll be even closer to my thirthies. So you might not want to miss it – the eclipse that is, not Rambo. Credits for the little image does to Geeks Are Sexy.

Total Lunar Eclipse

Speaking of which, that new Rambo movie sucks: lots of killing and flying body parts, too much of drama, but not enough Rambo-the-one-man-army. Yet, a must see if you grew up with the first 3, in a time where violence on TV didn’t make you a serial killer. 6/10.

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Referring to one of my posts earlier this week, I’ve been called yesterday, and apparently « we’ve been chosen »! One step closer from the 450 finale…

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I’m currently looking for an appartment on the south shore of Montreal. Back in the 450 after 10 years living in the city! I’m getting a bit away from the urban craze, and closer to the sub urban one.

I actually found one already, and applied for it. Applied, that’s funny. Renting an appartment looks almost more complicated than obtaining a loan. Anyway, a nice 4 1/2 in a concrete building in the Vieux Longueuil, 10 minutes away from where my brother lives. I hope it works, I’ll know in a few days.

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